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 Post subject: ECCI Settings
PostPosted: Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:18 pm 
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If you want to set that wheel for the best car control and reaism here are the settings on the wheel as well as in game.

WHEEL SETTINGS: (Hardware based)
Grab a crescent wrench and the provided allen wrench that came with your ECCI wheel. Under the left side of the wheel on the cam spring tension adjustment loosen the nut and with the allen wrench tighten the spring guide until there is barely enough thread left to tighten the nut to secure that guides position.

You really don't need to add springs or a bigger spring...all that does is makes the return to center on the wheel have more tension...which ultimately make catching the car in a loose scenario or when the rear end goes even harder for you the driver.

Tighten brake spring to the tension you would like. We go pretty tight on it for smoother braking.

Once this is done...then move to next section.

Open your CONTROL PANEL-> GAME CONTROLLERS section and double click on the ECCI line. Then click PROPERTIES and then CALIBRATION. Now go through the calibration steps turning wheel all the way left and right several times...and the same with your pedals...push them in all the way and release them a few times. Then when done click finish.

Since the GMotor engine is far higher fidelity than most other race sim engines this is a must so the software pulls the proper steps of the axis.

Open ASR and click on GAME SETTINGS-> MAPPINGS TAB and pay attention to the steering axis and brake axis. Write them down if needed.

Steering Axis Sensativity at all tracks besides a SuperSpeedway (Daytona/Talladega) and a Road Course would be at 40% under CONTROLLER ONE tab. For a SS 35-40% may provide more car control and less overcompensation. For a RC I have used down to 30% to provide more manageable car control on the ECCI wheel.

Now set the sensativity for your brake axis to 35% (usually Joy 1 RZ-...may be different on your system)

This allows for a more realistic brake as well as smoother trailbreaking.

This adjsutment is located in the bottom left corner of the screen. Set it to 230.

Short Tracks (8.5-12.5)
Heavy Intermediate and Intermediate (7.5-9.5)
Speedways (5.0-6.5)
Road Courses (10-15)

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 Post subject: Re: ECCI Settings
PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2012 4:12 pm 

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Just a little tip I use that seems to help me. Starting with windows 7 control panel, I make sure my wheel is correctly calibrated as stated in the users ECCI handbook first. Open control panel/ devices and printers/click ECCI/ game controller settings/properties/settings/calibrate. Open the calibrate wizard, click next,find center point and push any button on controller. On the next screen that shows X-Y axis, I check the box where it says "show raw data'. When moving the wheel left and right max, it shows me 880 all the way right, and 440 when center and 0 all the way left. Then I know if my pots are set correctly on the wheel.Then I use the same number,880 as my steering wheel range in ASR controller options.
From there I like the following: 100% digital steering,throttle,and brake. ( don't have clutch)
75% speed sense
100% look ahead
0% head movement
0% yaw
I like the following in sensitivity:100% on steering axis...( which ever letters are mapped to these )
35% on brakes
100% on throttle
with 15% dead zone for my mapped brakes only.
The rest,0% dead zone
About the only time I don't use these settings is in fixed set servers. Then my steering and throttle may drop any where from 5% sensitivity, to 35% on the steering and possibly the throttle and brake may call for being lowered as well. It depends on the track, the set, and the controller used to make the set (keep the speed sense at 75%) Overall when building my own sets, I stick with my base controller settings, I start with 17 to 18 steer lock. This hardly ever changes, even when I run fixed sets. With fixed I adjust only the sensitivity. Keeping everything else the same , as much as possible.
Note: My ECCI is the 6000 HDI. If the raw data numbers in win7 calibration are not correct, then follow the instructions as to getting the pots adjusted correctly. Replacement may be needed if they are old and worn.

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