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Development of the Chevy SilveradoTruck is moving quickly toward a final release version, as all Oval Tracks are now in the software and only road courses left to do which is far easier for physics. Currently we have phyiscs to dial in on four of the remaining ovals which will be done very soon. During final physics testing, final model enhancements and changes are also being made. At the same time we are moving to the rebuild of the ARCA phyiscs, tires, engines and aero data to update them to 2012 specifications and parameters.

ASRX PATCH - FEATURE LIST (may be updated)

  • Integration of functioning Spek Guages to the Chevy Silverado
  • Complete redevelopment of the physics system  
           ~ Silverado Physics completed with 2011 & 2012 Chassis and Aerodynamic Data
           ~ ARCA Physics re-development with 2011 & 2012 data (May be included post patch date but trying to make this patch)
           ~ Gear Restrictions in place including Allowed fourth and final gears per track with 1:1 final restrictions
           ~ Completely re-developed tire coding for better race protocols and proper pressure ranges 
  • New Shader Level System for both ARCA and Silverado enhances reflections and shine
  • Complete re-branding and misc re-texturing at all tracks
           ~ Completely Re-Built Nashville SuperSpeedway
           ~ Pavement, Specular and Texture Update at IOWA, Daytona, Michigan & Pocono
           ~ Pavement, Specular, Press Box and Texture Update at Kansas
  • New Track Loading screens and minor UI enhancements 
  • Working on bug fixes for on track rulings 
  • Other misc changes and bug fixes throughout


September 6th UPDATE: *Additional items that have been redone or items that are being added.
Physics testing is still continuing and other items are being redone. Besides In-Game Menu Screens...everything is being redevloped or changed to new content.

  • Blag Flack Bug Issue is fixed
  • Custom Physics being applied to Modded tracks for better full schedule racing on originial ASRX tracks as well as specific modded tracks.

Resurface of Rockingham Complete

  • Fixing Surface Issue in transitions
  • Various Texture and Model fixes to track walls and surrounding elements

MSD licensing acquired for Truck Series

  • Added proper MSD HVC Ignition
  • Added proper MSD HVC 8120 Power-Cell Coil

Completely New Spotter, Crew Chief pack including random Race Anthems and 10 random Gentlemen Start Your Engines calls.

  • Spotter and Crew Cheif Calls
  • National Anthems
  • Gentlemen Start Your Engines - Various Celebrities and Richard Petty
  • Admin Penalty Clearing via Quick chat (Clear Stop N Go/EOLL/Black Flag/Clear All Penalties
  • Thanks to GTRL for the plugin design. New sounds recorded by The Sim Factory.

 New ARCA and Truck Engine Sounds.

  • Special thanks to Jeremy Clements Racing & RAB Racing for allowing us to mic inside of vehciles.

Stop & Go Bug has been fixed and working properly. Various other exe changes being made * July 13th 2012

New Items for Track Modders

  • Standard ST, Heavy INT, INT, SW and RC phyiscs sets are included for specific sized tracks for easy track add-in integration 
           ~ Short Track, Heavy Intermediate, Intermediate, Speedway and Road Course Base Physics 
                       * #1-5 in track config base 
           ~ Physics sets including full chassis, tire, engine and aero packages specific to those sized tracks 
           ~ Modders simply follow our instructions on what track config base # should be used for each track based off size 
           ~ These track config settings are a constant and wont change in future updates 
           ~ Simply read our tire pressure guide that will come out with the patch that tell you what your proper race pressures are per track and you are off an running


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